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  • Television/Radio Jingles, Shows


Welcome to A'Lime Media

Why A'Lime Media?

A'Lime Media is a media strategy firm, primarily targeted at presenting brands, individuals, projects, initiatives and causes in a refreshingly different way by employing the most innovative strategies through the use of the highest standards and media technologies.

We won't bore you with a long list. We simply deliver:

  • Brilliant ideas at all times
  • With very affordable costs and
  • Extraordinary results

With an outstanding record (view our clientele) of projects, campaigns and productions, we have successfully executed a number of media briefs delivering the best options with cost-effective value.

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Effective use of technology blended with creativity and fused with a touch that’s peculiar to us.


Information and trends that are relevant, important and factual. The power your brand needs to soar!


Like we always say, the strategy indeed makes all the difference.